© ACME 2012 Made with Xara We focus on developing and implementing best practice people strategies aligned with the company’s growth objectives. We believe that the wide-ranging experiences and perspectives of our varied employees are exciting and a necessity for our success. We maintain a comprehensive database on the skills and experience of our people, ensuring we have a skilled and dependable workforce to meet our clients’ needs and supplement activities for specialist projects. We Value: Safety and the Environment. - An overriding commitment to health, safety, environmental responsibility and sustainable development. No Harm. - No harm to our personnel or the public. Integrity. - Including doing what we say we will do. High Performance. - The excitement and fulfilment of achieving superior business results and stretching our capabilities. Win-Win Relationships. - Having relationships which focus on the creation of value for all parties. The Courage to Lead Change. - Accepting the responsibility to inspire and deliver positive change in the face of adversity. Respect for Each Other. - The embracing of diversity, enriched by openness, sharing, trust, teamwork and involvement.